"Public History in Poland", edited by Joanna Wojdon. Routledge 2021

This volume presents various aspects of public history practices in Poland, alongside their historical development and theoretical reflections on public history. Despite a long tradition and variety of forms of public history, the very term “public history”, or literally speaking “history in the public sphere”, has been in use in Poland only since the 2010s. This edited collection contains chapters that focus on numerous practices and media forms in public history including historical memory, heritage tourism, historical re-enactments, memes and graphic novels, films, archives, archaeology and oral history. As such, the volume brings together the Polish experiences to wider international audiences and shares Polish controversies related to public history within the academic discourse, beyond media news and politically engaged commentaries. Furthermore, it sheds crucial light on the developments of collective memory, historical and political debates, the history of Poland and East-Central Europe, and the politics of post-World War Two and post-communist societies.

Typ publikacji: monografia zbiorowa

Redaktorzy: Joanna Wojdon

Tytuł: Public History in Poland

Miejsce wydania: New York and London

Wydawnictwo: Routledge

Data publikacji: 2021

ISBN: 9780367761646