Summer School

Summer school in global and trans-national history: What is european history in the 21st century?


Conveners: Profs Giancarlo Casale, Pieter M. Judson and Glenda Sluga
14-16 September 2021, via ZOOM

The Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute (EUI) is happy to announce its seventeenth Summer School in Global and Transnational History, which will take place on September 2021.

This year, the Summer School would like to invite contributions on the specific theme of What is European History in the 21st Century?

In the nearly half century since the EUI History Department was established, the contours of European history have shifted away from nation-based or comparative approaches. The department now defines itself a center for the study of Trans-national, Global and comparative history. All of these approaches are implicitly about creating a new history of Europe, but have they accomplished this goal? What is the outlook for the future of this project? This summer school is devoted to asking, “What is European History in the 21st Century?” As historians call for the decolonization of history, and, simultaneously, face the historical distortions encouraged by resurgent populist nationalisms, reflection on the possibilities and problems of European history have never seemed more urgent. Should European history bring to the centre of its narratives, peoples and societies who are traditionally considered marginal to Europe? How can European History illuminate the global and transnational dynamics which have shaped the lives of differently situated Europeans?

The EUI Department of History and Civilization is situated in the historic Villa Salviati, looking out over the hills of Florence. A major centre for the study of comparative and transnational European history and of European history in a global perspective, its annual Summer School has established itself as an exciting and stimulating experience for postgraduate students. Whether you are interested in political, social, cultural, intellectual or economic history, it will give you a unique opportunity to broaden your research interests and methodological reflection.

The Summer School will combine discussion of methodological issues in global, transnational and comparative history with case studies by leading specialists from the European University Institute and other major universities.

Because of the ongoing COVID health crisis, the 2021 summer school will be an on-line event. However, you will still have the chance to meet EUI doctoral researchers and post-doctoral fellows and faculty, participate virtually in the academic life of this centre of excellence, and get to know the Historical Archives of the European Union. Information will also be given on possibilities for pursuing doctoral studies at the European University Institute. In addition, you will have an opportunity to find out more about Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Please learn more about eligibility criteria and registration fee on the Summer School website and  send you application before 30th April 2021!